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Bridging the Cultural Relevance Gap in Nutrition Management

Quote from Kehlin Swain

Have you ever felt that a health or nutrition professional did not speak your language?

Kehlin Swain’s father experienced this disconnect when getting nutritional advice for managing type 2 diabetes. Kehlin and his rockstar team at Greens by Xplosion Technology turned this misunderstanding into a mission-reinforcing mantra.

Nutritionists and other Healthcare professionals, in general, work very hard and do it to improve lives. Still, for medical outcomes driven by personal behavior, communicating to patients in a way that speaks to their lived experience is critical for successful counseling.

Kehlin will be featured in the July, 2024 Diabetes Made Visible newsletter.

“The Greens name came from Dad, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. During his time with the nutritionist, she said, ‘Hey, if you really want to solve this diabetes thing that you are managing, you should eat more kale.’ My Dad looked at her and said, ‘What the hell is a kale?’ That’s when he realized, and I realized, that there is a cultural relevance gap in suggestions when we talk about diabetes and nutrition management. We realized, after doing some nutrition literacy ourselves on Dr. Google and Dr. WebMD, that she could have also said, ‘Hey, you should consider eating more greens because it also has high fiber and higher protein, and that can help slow down your blood sugar when you combine that with other meals you may be eating that are higher in carbs.’”

Kehlin Swain, co-founder and CEO of Greens by Xplosion Technology