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  • Living with “Type 360” Diabetes

    Living with “Type 360” Diabetes

    I recently came across a new way to describe living with someone with diabetes: “Having type 360.” It’s true! While I likely will never understand the full implications of having type 1 diabetes, I do live surrounded by the disease every day through the experiences of my husband and In-Range Animation co-founder, Neil Israel. Very few…

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  • Diabetes Driving Pal

    Diabetes Driving Pal

    Dr. Viral Shah’s mobile application, Diabetes Driving Pal, is featured in StartUp Health’s “Health Transformer” blog this week.  I will include a link to the blog in the comments below.  The application works with continuous glucose monitoring data to notify a person with diabetes if they should not drive due to hypoglycemia.  The article shares research…

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  • Positive mindset in diabetes

    Positive mindset in diabetes

    Developing a positive mindset is crucial when managing chronic diseases like diabetes. In this snippet, diabetes expert Ginger Vieira highlights how negativity can act as a barrier to thriving with diabetes. Identifying mindset as a success factor is not about blaming people with diabetes. Instead, it serves as a way to recognize potential obstacles and find ways to overcome them. When…

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  • Stare down the monster of diabetes distress

    Stare down the monster of diabetes distress

    In nearly 45 years with type 1 diabetes, I have experienced moments of frustration, fear, and exhaustion. I have also had moments of deep appreciation, inspiration, and strength. My most distressing t1d experiences include seven near-death DKA-related hospitalizations, extreme hypoglycemia causing embarrassing professional moments and a 1-person car wreck,  and undiagnosed/misdiagnosed gastroparesis causing months-long absences…

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  • GLP-1 Medications and Stigma

    GLP-1 Medications and Stigma

    The use of GLP-1 for weight loss is one of the most polarizing topics in America today. Noted diabetes author Ginger Vieira strongly advocates understanding the issue fully before casting judgment. Ginger Vieira, a 25+ year T1D veteran, has authored numerous books for thriving with diabetes. To learn more about Ginger and how GLP-1 medications work…

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  • Important of Testing for T1D

    Important of Testing for T1D

    Do you know about T1D and genetic testing? One of the most fascinating topics in Type 1 diabetes has been the development of genetic testing. The tests help identify the risk of developing the disease, especially if you have siblings with the condition. These tests measure the antibody response to insulin, islet cells in the…

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  • Bridging the Cultural Relevance Gap in Nutrition Management

    Bridging the Cultural Relevance Gap in Nutrition Management

    Have you ever felt that a health or nutrition professional did not speak your language? Kehlin Swain’s father experienced this disconnect when getting nutritional advice for managing type 2 diabetes. Kehlin and his rockstar team at Greens by Xplosion Technology turned this misunderstanding into a mission-reinforcing mantra. Nutritionists and other Healthcare professionals, in general, work…

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