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GLP-1 Medications and Stigma

The use of GLP-1 for weight loss is one of the most polarizing topics in America today. Noted diabetes author Ginger Vieira strongly advocates understanding the issue fully before casting judgment.

Ginger Vieira, a 25+ year T1D veteran, has authored numerous books for thriving with diabetes. To learn more about Ginger and how GLP-1 medications work for people with T1D, check out our May ’24 Diabetes Made Visible newsletter.

Mainstream media thinks it (GLP-1 medication) just suppresses your appetite and makes you not want to eat. It’s so much more complicated than that…Why are we shaming them (people taking GLP-1 medications) for wanting help with something to manage their weight? If we’re going to shame them for being overweight, why are we not supporting them and getting something that could help them lose weight?

Ginger Vieira