• Anne Rathbun Favre

    “We use the video to highlight the benefit of our vaccine to prospective investors.” Read more

  • Benjamin Pariser

    “The video has been well received and has had an immediate impact by bringing value to our company well beyond the cost of the production.” Read more

  • Brooke Meyer

    “Neil and Suzie have been such a pleasure to work with! They are creative, friendly, and open to feedback and shifting directions as needed.” Read more

  • Krista Bangrazi

    “The online diabetes micro-learning curriculum that In-Range Animation is building is grossly needed.” Read more

  • Rachael Jacques

    “In-Range Animation does a fantastic job of breaking down complicated health ideas so they’re easy to understand and remember.” Read more

  • Soumya Adhikari, MD

    “They work very hard to get the technical details just right, while telling a compelling and relatable story.” Read more