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soumaya adhikari

Soumya Adhikari, MD

Pediatric Endocrinologist

“I worked with Neil and Suzie on an educational video about Hybrid closed-loop technology for teens with T1D and their parents.  Connecting with a family – especially a teenager – who’s dealing with a chronic illness, especially one as demanding as type 1 diabetes, is such a unique challenge.  In-person connections are hard enough – producing content that you feel confident will capture their attention is incredibly challenging.  Working with In-Range Animation (or what was known as Sketchology when I first met them) was a joy from beginning to end.  From script development to tips on how to make everything more engaging to the image quality itself, everything was top notch and led to a finished product that I was proud to have had any hand in.  Their experience as animators and their experience with diabetes both shine through in their work. They work very hard to get the technical details just right, while balancing the aim of telling a compelling and relatable story.  Just a great experience to work with their team!”