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Important of Testing for T1D

Do you know about T1D and genetic testing? One of the most fascinating topics in Type 1 diabetes has been the development of genetic testing. The tests help identify the risk of developing the disease, especially if you have siblings with the condition.

These tests measure the antibody response to insulin, islet cells in the pancreas, or the presence of an enzyme called glutamic acid decarboxylase. I will place additional T1D resources in the comments section below. For June’s Diabetes Made Visible newsletter, I sat down with Rachael Jacques, who developed diabetes as an adult after growing up with a brother with Type 1. In our discussion, she shared about the importance of testing and also one of the few benefits of having more than one person in a nuclear family with Type 1.

Rachael first learned about Type 1 diabetes through her brother’s diagnosis in the 1990s. Several years later, she developed Type I and strongly advocates sibling screening. Rachael serves as JDRF’s National Director of Corporate Partnerships. For more information, look out for the June Diabetes Made Visible newsletter.

I’ve gotten all three of my boys screened. My brother and I are talking to our other siblings about getting tested even though they’re adults, right? It is so empowering, you know, to our other siblings, to get tested and screened because this might be a part of their reality, too. If it had to happen, I am glad it happened in the way it did because my brother has been such a wonderful mentor to me, taking late-night phone calls and talking me through things.

Rachel Jaques